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Our History

Pinnacle Advisory & Consulting Group was founded with a vision to bring the best practices of large corporate to the SME section, providing your business with the tools required to help you realise your full potential. Our founders having worked extensively in the corporate sector came to the realisation that there was a major lack of efficiency prevalent in the finance function of organisations within the SME sector, creating an opportunity to utilise their vast array of skills - which led to the creation of Pinnacle.

You may ask what differentiates us from the many other firms - the answer to that lies in our history and coming together which sets us apart. The consultants at Pinnacle bring their experience and expertise from various different sectors along with the passion to help driven companies and individuals manage their finance with proven systems that accelerate growth. With all of this at the fraction of the cost of a full-time hire!

Our Focus

The team of finance and accounting professionals at Pinnacle aim to provide organisations with resources and strategic advisory necessary to optimise an effective finance function. Our core focus is to efficiently combine the intricacies of financial advisory with management accounting to assist in providing solutions to specific goals - to help take your firm to its Pinnacle

Our Specialisation

Our specialisation lies in our diverse service offerings - we provide Advisory, Strategic Planning, Business Coaching and KPI & Dashboard Development along with many others that have been utilised in our experience in industries ranging from IT Companies, Manufacturing to Real estate. These various services coupled with our in-depth understanding and industry-wide experience allows us to identify and implement the best practice in the management of your finance function.

Ready To Take Your Next Step?

If you want to optimise your business' finance function beyond just the regularities of tax and compliance, speak to our dedicated consultants here at Pinnacle!

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