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Bringing our dedication and focus to your company where it needs it most. At Pinnacle, since our inception we’ve prided ourselves on being able to optimise the ways SMEs function and think by revolutionising your finance function. Our founders, having worked in the Large Scale Corporate world - came to the realisation that the SME sector had very little knowledge let alone access to industry-wide best practice when it came to their finance and accounting divisions.

This means that these growing companies did not have the reporting, analytical and interpretive knowledge from their finance functions to extract value and make their best business decisions. Our founders, realised that for growing businesses to thrive in this ever changing world - your finance and accounting division needs to be one that:
Allows for efficient decision making
Provides you with strong analytical reports and forecasts to understand the direction of your business
Helps identify and optimise a healthy cash flow system
Helps you understand your areas of weakness and success - to ensure your business resources are allocated efficiently

Upon this realisation, Pinnacle was formed to make sure that your business has the strong financial fundamentals, strategy and passion to grow and realise your vision. Click here to enquire more about how we can help you.

Identify your Critical Success Factors

Most SMEs fail to grow for the following two reasons

Lack of proven finance systems and processes
A finance function ill-equipped to support growth plans

Because of these reasons, your business will not be able to identify and understand the critical success factors that will help you realise your long term vision. This creates a lack of direction and prevents growth.

At Pinnacle, our team of vastly skilled consultants are here to use their knowledge to identify these areas of success and hindrance to your business. This starts with the optimization of your finance function. To see how we can take you to your Pinnacle and become your Partners in Growth - speak to one of our consultants now.

20+ Years Of Combined Experience

At Pinnacle, we come in with over 20 years of experience working with multiple companies from the IT, Manufacturing, Property, Logistics industries to help them extract value from their finance division. Because of our experience and diverse range of skills, we are very well positioned to understand your business and develop a problem solving framework that focuses on the realisation of your strategy.

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If you want to optimise your business' finance function beyond just the regularities of tax and compliance, speak to our dedicated consultants here at Pinnacle!

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