Management Accounting

Employ best practice reporting & analysis techniques along with the implementation of systems and processes to take your firm to its Pinnacle.

Importance of Management Accounting

Management Accounting is accounting for decision making. If you want answers to questions like Where did my Profit go? What’s driving sales? What’s my staff productivity like?, then you need GOOD management accounting!

Is your accountant using KPI dashboards to clearly pinpoint your shortcomings and provide a clear image of what needs to be done? Does your accountant consistently analyse and translate your financial data into decision making mechanisms? If the answer is no, then you have problems that can only be addressed through proper management accounting.

Driving Your Decisions

Every SME needs access to effective Management Accounting practices. Imagine having an accountant with real world experience, analyse and “translate” your financial and non-financial data every month so you can make informed business decisions. Our team of Management Accountants focus on looking forward (instead of backwards at historical data). We work with you on planning, budgeting and forecasting.PACG interprets your business data in a meaningful and comprehensive way providing clarity around your business performance.

Our Offerings

At PACG we provide you with accurate, up-to-date financial reports that flag any areas of concern and discuss improvement strategies to keep you and your business on track. By monitoring activity and managing their affairs, PACG’S clients are on top of their financial picture, in control of their business and able to act quickly should their circumstances change.

Ready To Take Your Next Step?

If you want to optimise your business' finance function beyond just the regularities of tax and compliance, speak to our dedicated consultants here at Pinnacle!

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