Virtual CFO

Access to a team of finance professionals at a fraction of the cost

The Rise Of The Virtual CFO

The rise of the Virtual CFO is merely one of the many changes that holds testimony to our rapidly changing world. The traditional finance and accounting division has been viewed as a data processing function to ensure compliance and provide backwards-looking data. Our rapidly changing environment dictates that this is no longer true.

Where We Come In

The heart of Pinnacle’s vision is our focus on the “Virtual CFO” solution to help revolutionise your finance function. This provides, effectively, an outsource of your finance function in the hands of Pinnacle’s team of highly experienced and skilled finance professionals. Our team’s main mission is to provide you with best practice in your industry of operation to enable your growth.

Our Offerings

Also, we aren’t just focused on optimising your finance function but also emphasise on the importance of educating & upskilling you and your team about the intricacies of finance and accounting practices relevant to your business & industry. As part of the Virtual CFO package, here are just a few of the offerings designed to help your business.

  • Financial Modelling
  • Capital Raising
  • Development of Strategic Plans, Budgets, Cash Management strategies, Exit and Succession Plans
  • Development of KPIs and Dashboard Reporting
  • Effective outsource of your Accounting/Finance division from basic bookkeeping through to controller, CFO and board advisory support

Ready To Take Your Next Step?

If you want to optimise your business' finance function beyond just the regularities of tax and compliance, speak to our dedicated consultants here at Pinnacle!

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